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Music Equipment Toronto

music equipment toronto

music equipment toronto - Audio Systems

Audio Systems Design and Installation

Audio Systems Design and Installation

Audio and video systems of all shapes and sizes are fraught with less than optimum performance. Audible hum and RFI (radio frequency interference), poor reliability, unsafe operation, overheating, and damage during touring are only a few of these problems. Those engineers and technicians that ¦can make things right are a prized commodity. Audio Systems Design and Installation is a book which reveals the trade secrets of optimized performance of audio (and video) systems. It contains a wealth of ideas and data which are invaluable to anyone working in the industry.

Ted Uzzle, editor of Sound and Video Contractor, states that Audio Systems Design and Installation is an "Instant classic", a "must have", and "perennial". For the designer and engineer, it is a comprehensive source of reference data on components and techniques used to assemble systems, for example: transformers, active inputs and outputs; pad, filters; grounding and grounding conductors, power conditioning; common mode chokes, ferrite beads; and many, many more items. Detailed illustrations and photos uncover many systems issues critical to optimum performance. For the technician and installer, it contains detailed drawings about:
* optimized signal interconnection schemes
* shielded grounding schemes
* jackfield wiring methods
* rack systems
* rack and equipment grounding
The ins-and-outs of wiring technique and hardware types are thoroughly explained. The bottom line is that use of the information contained in Audio Systems Design and Installation will result in better systems that are more reliable-saving you time and money. Read the book and become a bigger asset to your organization.
Philip Giddings has published in a variety of magazines as well as the Journal of the Audio Engineering Society. He is a regular lecturer to local chapters of the AES and SMPTE, as well as at NSCA and Syn Aud Con. He is a graduate of McGill University's Electrical Engineering program and a registered Professional Engineer.

Contains the information to build better, more reliable systems.
Serves as a comprehensive reference for components and techniques for system assembly.
Describes methods to eliminate common audio problems.

85% (10)

Rain Dance

Rain Dance

Toronto finally saw a decent downpour of rain this evening. Of course this happened while I was down on Queen Street to take pictures of the Jazz Festival. Equipment was quickly covered up and most people took shelter where they could but not everything (or everyone) kept out of the rain.

[92/365] hear the sounds

[92/365] hear the sounds

went to a show last night to take some pictures for an online music blog. here is one that i liked of the equipment.

i also like that it is a little out of focus

music equipment toronto

music equipment toronto

Crosley CR249 BK Keepsake USB Turntable (Black)

Can't bear to live without your vinyl albums, yet can't seem to find the time to fire up the record player these days? Well, have we got a solution for you The Crosley Keepsake. You can now simply take your old vinyls and convert them to CD in minutes with just a few simple steps. The Keepsake allows those old albums to be recorded in a digital audio format for high quality sound on a smaller, more modern compact disc. It easily interfaces with the USB port on any computer by utilizing the supplied software suite. However, if you still want to enjoy your albums old style, then Crosley's Keepsake offers a 3 speed turntable for your listening enjoyment. Preserve your entire music collection with the Keepsake.

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