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Selling Second Hand Video Equipment. Medical Equipment Marketing. Sand Handling Equipment.

Selling Second Hand Video Equipment

selling second hand video equipment

selling second hand video equipment - Rane TTM56

Rane TTM56 DJ Mixer

Rane TTM56 DJ Mixer

Rane takes performance mixer design as seriously as performing DJs take their art form. In an effort to provide the best instrument possible, Rane devoted two years of R&D to developing a mixer with unparalleled performance. The TTM 56 is flexible, durable, and feature packed. The audio quality of the TTM 56 qualifies it for use in the most demanding live venue, recording studio or live broadcast applications.Rane's proprietary magnetic fader is the fastest, most accurate, and long lasting on the planet. The design uses non-contact magnetic position sensor technology previously reserved for the most demanding aerospace and industrial applications. No travel noise - No bleed - ever! Unlike optical non-contact faders, the magnetic fader is impervious to smoke, moisture, temperature and aging. The electrical performance of these faders is totally unaffected by use. The mechanical life of the magnetic fader exceeds 10 million operations.These magnetic faders know exactly what your hand is doing! A proprietary curve-translation module converts your hand motion into precise audio level control. The TTM 56 offers the user more flexible curve selection and fader assignment options than ever before. This technology is used for both Channel Faders and the Crossfader.The Crossfader control includes Reverse switch, Mode switch and independent, continuously adjustable Contours for A-side and B-side. In Mode 1, the Contour control adjusts from smooth blend to extremely fas...

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Late at night I like to walk around the financial district in New York city. I live a couple blocks from ground zero and a few blocks from Wall street, the financial ground zero site now. When people and businesses move out of the area, which they seem to be doing a lot lately, they usually throw out tons of good stuff, no one moves in New York it seems, they just toss stuff and buy it again at another location. I have a mental list of all the things we need for the MAKE office that's in my apartment, why buy stuff when you can find it. Lately I've noticed a lot of things thrown out that seem broken but after inspection, are not. We've needed a shredder for awhile, paying money for one seems silly, especially since I knew I'd find one on the street. Yesterday was my lucky day, walking back from an evening stroll, there it was - a shredder, a "Fellowes Powershred" in a pile of trash outside one of the dozens of Duane Reade drug stores. It was a little heavy, but I brought it back home and started to poke at it. I plugged it in and the LED lit up, but it didn't work. Maybe it was the motor, or the sensor. A shredder is not that complicated, there's not a lot that can break really. Taking it apart didn't yield any clues, but then I inspected the bin it sits on. There's a small plastic nub that activates a switch once you put the shredder in the bin, without this you could potentially get hurt if you pick it up while it was on and shredding, without it just doesn't shred. The little plastic nub was snapped off! That's a right, a perfectly fine and useful piece of equipment thrown away when it could have been fixed with one dab of glue or a tiny bit of cardboard. Seconds later with a new cardboard nub, I fired up the shredder and it worked, it shreds nicely.

About 5 years ago we started MAKE, a handful of motivated people shared a belief that makers should be celebrated. Through hard work and sacrifice a lot of dreams came true. 16 volumes of projects that will stand the test of time, handed down to sons and daughters, a Maker Faire that has hundreds of thousands of participants, a web site that captures the imagination of millions with the best community online, an online store with the best selection of electronics kits made by makers - in just a few days Make: television will make it's debut on public television and the web. We didn't do this by ourselves, you did, the makers.

It was a good year, but also a pretty crummy year too. We are at a defining moment in history, the world is a mess - what we do now will shape generations to come. The solutions to our problems aren't going to come from the same people who created them. How will we inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers? We all can have a role - makers, teachers, parents, siblings, communities, a relentlessly curious friend. At Maker Faire parents tell us that their kid picked up MAKE or saw something interesting on our site, maybe it was a post, maybe it was a video - it sparked something and years later they've gone on to become a maker, an artist, a scientist, an engineer. How can we do more of this everyday, how can we celebrate making things and the people that make them in more ways?

2009 is going to be one of the most challenging years ever, 2008 wasn't easy, 2009 will test our collective ability to endure. But something is stirring, there is energy out there - people are making things again, people are coming together to share, to learn, to inspire each other, people are starting businesses selling the things they make. If you make something, you're not alone - through the web, through the pages of MAKE, through videos, through Maker Faires, through the site here, at hacker spaces - we're going to get through these tough times together and we'll be better for it. We're going to "make" our way of it.

2009 is year of the ox - according to the Chinese calendar, the ox is an animal that brings prosperity through hard work. The outgoing Rat symbolises "wealth". I'm happy to jettison the celebration of stupid, we are what we celebrate, good or bad - reality tv, irrational ideologies, ponzi scheme economies, the dumbing down of things, good riddance to bad rubbish. I can't think of a more fitting symbol than the ox for the next year, unswervingly patient, tireless, fortitude... hard work. I feel lucky that I work with the best group of people in the world at MAKE, it makes working hard a lot of fun.

We hope you've gained something from MAKE over the last year, maybe looked at things a different way, took something apart, put something together - or maybe spent some extra time with your kids building something together. In 2009 we have big plans for MAKE, from international Maker Faires to connecting more makers with makers in person and online - 2009 will not be the year for small ideas and small plans, with your help we'll celebrating making around the globe more than ever before. In 2009 w

Striking/awesome/superb Bred/well Conform Storm CAT SON

Striking/awesome/superb Bred/well Conform Storm CAT SON

ASHKAL 2006 Chestnut Colt Ocala, Florida
(Storm Cat x Descapate by Dehere)

STORM CAT (by STORM BIRD), Grade 1 Stakes Winner of $570K, Young America S. [G1], etc
Sire of 8 Champions including GIANT'S CAUSEWAY, multiple Grade 1 Winner of $3.07 Million, Sire:

STORM FLAG FLYING, Champion in US, multiple Grade 1 Stakes Winner of $1.95 Million,
SWEET CATOMINE, Champion in US, multiple Grade 1 Stakes Winner of $1.05 Million, etc
& $120.8 Million in Progeny Earnings in 19 crops to race

1st Dam (by DEHERE) is Stakes Winner of $196K (G3SPW), 4 Wins in 7 Starts at 3 & 4
1st Dam is 1/2 to Grade 3 Stakes-Placed Winner of $424K with 6 Wins, 2 to 4
1st Dam is 1/2 to Stakes-Placed Winner of $275K with 9 Wins, 2 to 6
1st Dam is 1/2 to Stakes-Placed Producer of $145K with 4 Wins at 4, 2009
1st Dam is 1/2 to Stakes Producer of $$83K with 2 Wins at 3
1st Dam is 1/2 to Grade 2 Stakes-Placed Producer of $156K with 2 Wins at 2, 2009
1st Dam is 1/2 to Winner of $51K, 2 Wins in 3 Starts at 3 & set ntr at Turfway Park, 1 mile in 1:36.23

2nd Dam (by FORTY NINER) is 1/2 to HIGHLAND PARK, multiple Grade 2 Winner of $382K
with 8 Wins in 16 Starts at 2 & 3, Sire
2nd Dam is 1/2 to Stakes Winner of $115K with 4 Wins at 2 & 3
2nd Dam is 1/2 to Grade 3 Stakes-Placed Winner of $38K, Winner at 4
2nd Dam is 1/2 to Stakes Producer of $725K with 3 Wins at 2 & 3 in JPN
2nd Dam is 1/2 to Stakes-Placed Producer of $2 Million with 7 Wins, 2 to 7 in JPN, Sire
2nd Dam is 1/2 to multiple Stakes Producer of:
Grade 2 Stakes-Placed Winner of $247K with 6 Wins at 3 & 4,
Stakes Winner of $209K with 5 Wins at 3 & 4,
Stakes Winner of $52K, 5 Wins, 3 to 7 & set ntr going 6 Furlongs in 1:08.80,
& Stakes-Placed Winner of $104K, Winner at 3

3rd Dam (by OLDEN TIMES) is Grade 3 Stakes Winner of $155K with 6 Wins at 2 & 3
3rd Dam is 1/2 to Stakes Winner of $172K with 11 Wins, 3 to 6
3rd Dam is 1/2 to Stakes Winner of $46K with 2 Wins in 4 Starts at 2
3rd Dam is 1/2 to Stakes Producer of $56K with 5 Wins, 2 to 5
3rd Dam is 1/2 to multiple Stakes Producer of:
Grade 3 Stakes-Placed Winner of $67K with 4 Wins at 3
& Stakes-Placed Winner of $21K with 5 Wins, 2 to 4
3rd Dam is 1/2 to Stakes Producer of $51K with 5 Wins at 2 & 3
3rd Dam is 1/2 to multiple Stakes Producer of:
Grade 2 Stakes-Placed Winner of $321K with 8 Wins, 2 to 5,
Grade 3 Stakes-Placed Winner of $207K with 7 Wins, 3 to 5,
& Stakes-Placed Winner of $65K with 4 Wins at 3 & 4 in ENG
3rd Dam is 1/2 to Stakes-Placed Producer of $27K, Winner at 2

16.1 HH



Owner: Dynamic Equine Thoroughbreds / Racing

Attn: Opportunistic Stallion Seeking Visionaries. Here is a rare opportunity:

ASHKAL...2006 Ch. Horse by the worlds most sort after, influential and Prolific sire's of all time... "STORM CAT" out of Descapate (Dehere). This colt is impecably bred being an A++ Werk Nick Rating, possessing the talented bloodline cross genes. He was a 400k + Yearling Sale. He is a strikingly handsome, solid looking, strongly built 16 + hands individual that is all presence and confidence. He is excellently conformed and a determined gutsy individual. His highly regarded dam has been bred to nothing but the best stallions in the world. Descapate was bred to A.P. Indy and offered by Lane's End Farm at Keeneland in November 2003, where she sold for $1.25 million. She has produced 3 foals. First by A.P. Indy (unraced), second by Storm Cat (seen here), third by Giant's Causeway, named "Christine Daae" who romped by 8 3/4 lengths at Gulfstream Park Jan 2010, in a Mdn Sp race in 1:21 3/5 for 7 furlongs, just 1/5th off the Track Record. The fillies win was so impressive that an article stated in the Blood Horse magazine that "could this filly be the next Rachael Alexandra", as trainer Patrick Biancone has always had high expectations for the filly. This colt has the stamp of his sire and exhuberates pure class with honest efforts. He was also scheduled to go to Patrick Biancone's stables, prior to injury. He is a very eager, determined and tremendously willing individual that is blessed with raw talented speed. During his training career before being injured, this colt had an effortless bullet 3/8's in 36 sec and half in 47 sec, with a 160 lb rider sitting with his feet forward. As a result of the bull ring type track being tight, deep and slow, horses really do not accomplish these fractions at SPC training center, that easy, with that kind of weight. This relates to 34, 45 sec in workouts at the race track. This speaks of promising talents to this colts credit as he was expected to be something special in the making. He gave very gutsy efforts everytime, again with tremendous determinati

selling second hand video equipment

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